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Why moving to POS

Why moving to POS

Today, you can find 2 kinds of POS: point-of-sale for retail shops as well as for restaurants and hotels. The most important benefits of POS will be the following:

•Analysis: with the help of a POS you will analyse the sales patterns, manage the inventory and mark item for reorder.

•Accuracy: in relation to introducing data, scanning is more accurate than typing figures from stickers or expecting the worker to remember prices by heart.

Generally speaking, a POS is a cash register, but, since it is based on your personal computer, it represents a fresh world of data regarding a certain business. If compared to the traditional cash registers or cash boxes, the principle advantage of a computerised POS is the opportunity it gives you to analyse sales in several ways including items sold, promotions, time, etc. This really is of great help for inventory managers to fulfil his/her tasks in a better manner and far faster.

Moreover, when all of your info is computerised, you are able to put your personal computer in a network, even though the network, in the turn, might be incorporated into a back-office computer that has the capacity to download information coming from all registers, thus monitoring data in different ways.

If you are searching for moving your company to a POS system in Malta, to start with, learn more about it after which get a reliable supplier that will provide you with cutting-edge solutions.

In terms of restaurant restaurant POS malta, Progressive Information Systems is referred to as an organisation focused on offering first-class software for businesses to support the increase and small, medium and enormous businesses.

When you are a nearby restaurant owner, then you must look at the Lightspeed soft given by Progressive Information Systems. This is a cloud-based POS system that operates even on iPads. It is really an advanced application that allows controlling every factor of a restaurant's logistic, finance and HR the smartphone or tablet.

Below are a few benefits of Lightspeed:

•It is extremely simple to use and train the workers.

•It runs using iPhones and iPads; take the order and send them instantly to the bartender with one easy touch from the button.

•It splits the bills quickly.

•Easy menu creation and editing

•Offers the opportunity print orders from anywhere


If you want more details on bar point of sale Malta, don't hesitate to contact Progressive Information Systems.